About CloudSqueeze

CloudSqueeze helps simplify day-to-day operations in the cloud.

We realize that CTOs, DevOps & business owners have limited time to make important decisions. The team at CloudSqueeze have spent years answering the questions of how to make decisions fast from the myriad of data sent from CloudWatch, AWS setups/configuration using deep learning neural networks. Using decades of combined expertise, we have created an intelligent platform that enables decision-makers to get timely alerts to eliminate wasted spend, get actionable insights, prevent budget overruns with proactive change, utilization, prediction of cloud intelligence.

CloudSqueeze helps simplify a multitude of DevOps tasks with AI. We provide scale up, scale down, configuration change alerts on all your AWS cloud configuration needs – EC2, EBS, RDS, S3, Elastic Cache, ELB, Networking traffic and more.

Spending velocity alerts help our customers avoid bill surprises from cloud resources unintentionally left provisioned, that tagging with other governance policies and budget alerts cannot catch.  In the cloud, price and product features change frequently. We provide ways for you to leverage what your workload can consume now, in the best cost effective way along with AWS tutorials that help our community implement these changes in a timely manner.

Our Vision

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We are an Amazon AWS Certified Partner.


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