FAQ – Referrer Network

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by affiliates, marketers and referral partners

How do I join the partner program?

The easiest way to join is to click on ‘Try it for free’ online. Once your email is confirmed, you should be able to access the partner option from CloudSqueeze. Please note to enable popup windows to open if this isn’t enabled.

Partner with CloudSqueeze

How much does it cost to join?

Nothing. Our Affiliate program pays YOU for qualified leads and sales. Those who qualify for Open Source Blogger Program can manage their AWS accounts with a spend of less than $500 for free.

How long do I have to be a partner?

There are no time constraints. Although we’d love for you to be an active partner forever, you can quit whenever you like.

When and how can I get paid or receive credits?

Within 14 days of us receiving payment from a customer. Your portal should give you near real-time access to view sales from your efforts. Payments from AWS marketplace are on varying schedules from direct payments. Partners who promote us get visibility into visitors, leads, and payments on your sales dashboard. Get paid to your Paypal or Cryptocurrency offerings of Coinbase. Credits towards the subscription fees of CloudSqueeze work in the same way as payment.

Is there a minimum I must earn before being paid out?

Yes, $50. If you would like to increase this minimum, you can alter it after your first payment.

What is needed for the Open source program? What can I get?

We are building a list of scripts that perform various configuration management tasks on AWS. These scripts will either be CloudFormation type, Terraform or serverless scripts executed by DevOps or system administrators to manage AWS configuration changes. You are welcome to use any of the contributed scripts toward simplifying various AWS change management tasks. You can learn more about our AWS Open Source program here.

What is needed to qualify for the free blogger program?

Your AWS spend on CloudSqueeze is under $500 / month and you have a blog with links or banner traffic to CloudSqueeze. Use of the partner tracking links is required to track the volume of traffic from the blogs you maintain. Please enquire directly on chat or email during the free trial for further details. Those wanting to write about CloudSqueeze, without benefiting from the free tier, can do so without using the tracking links.

Can I promote you on my blog articles or my website with banner images?

Yes, you can. Start a free trial and click on the affiliate menu option. You will have to access to tons of images, custom links, and content in your sales dashboard. Watch this video of what is involved in promoting us on your blogs, articles or where to find banner images. Depending on the traffic you may qualify for our $500 AWS spend tier managed free on CloudSqueeze. Enquire from within once your email is confirmed. Watch the steps involved once in the affiliate portal.

How can I promote you on my social networks or email and earn?

It’s easy. Once you register for a free trial, access the affiliate section to get your unique tracking links. This video shows you the steps through sales.cloudsqueeze.ai. You can access the same portal via your CloudSqueeze login. Watch the steps of how to use the 1-click method for a tracking link or email for your referrals.

How can I refer you through word of mouth referrals and earn?

One of the easiest and effective ways you can benefit is through word of mouth marketing. Sign up for a free trial at CloudSqueeze and access the affiliate portal. (The below video uses sales.cloudsqueeze.ai, which is accessed easier from your portal). Watch this video to see how to register an email and receive credits for your referrals. Many customers are happy not to receive any compensation for their word of mouth referrals. Following this process is only for those who wish to be compensated.

As an IT Solutions Provider, MSP, how can I grow my business through this partner program?

As an MSP, hosting provider leveraging AWS for customers or an IT service provider with skill in AWS, you can grow your business by promoting CloudSqueeze. Build trailing monthly revenue for your customers using CloudSqueeze to manage AWS spend with spending velocity alerts, while retaining 100% of the service work generated. Some customers prefer handholding on IT infrastructure tasks and we encourage customers to use their IT service provider. You have access to our growing list of open source scripts to simplify these IT change management tasks. With your list of customers, influence base you will have access to proven scripts to encourage clients to a free trial at CloudSqueeze. From your affiliate portal, you will have access to these autoresponder sequences and tracking of conversions. Watch this video to understand what is involved.

Though this video uses sales.cloudsqueeze.ai it is recommended to use the free trial and access the affiliate portal instead of the method shown at the start of this video.

I have an parter not listed here. Where do I go for help?

Contact us by emailing partner at cloudsqueeze.ai. We monitor this account to ensure all appropriate questions are answered and added to this FAQ. If for some reason you don’t hear back  (i.e email is in spam), message us on social platforms of LinkedIn, or Twitter or via live chat icon at CloudSqueeze with your specific question. Thank you for partnering with us to tackle the cloud spend problem.