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FAQ – Referrer Network

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) by affiliates, marketers and referral partners

How can I promote this business and earn revenue for my marketing efforts?

Sign up to join our referral network of partners in few seconds here, and you can promote us via social media, word of mouth, your mailing lists, blogs or other marketing initiatives.

How do I get paid and how much?

Referrer partners who promote us get visibility into visitors, leads, and payments made by their leads on the sales dashboard. Yout get perpetual recurring revenue from your sales initiatives of Cloud Squeeze. Gain access to social promotional materials and your specific affiliate links, banners and more. Payments are made via Paypal or Cryptocurrency offerings of Coinbase.  The percentage of sales is fixed for the life of the customer you bring to any of Software WORX offerings. You can find our payment details as an affiliate at affiliate marketer directory or after registration here.

Can I promote you on my social media platforms and earn?

Yes, you can. Once you register as an affiliate here it is a one-click process with your specific tracking links.  You have full visibility to your visitors, leads and customer payouts. Here is a short video of the steps to market this on social media after your signup.

Can I get rewarded for word of mouth referrals of Cloud Squeeze?

Yes, you can. Register as an affiliate here and you can register the prospect on this platform before you talk to them and get credit. Watch this video to understand what is involved.

I have a list of cloud users on mailing list. Can I promote you guys to my list?

Yes, you can once you register as an affiliate here. You will have access to marketing materials and copy to promote on your mailing list. You can watch this video to understand what is involved.

Can I promote you on my blog articles or my website with banner images?

Yes once you join our referral network of partners, you will have to access to tons of images, custom links, and content in your sales dashboard. Watch this video of what is involved in promoting us on your blogs, articles or where to find banner images.

I have an affiliate marketing question not listed here. Where do I go for help?

Contact us via this email for any affiliate marketing questions seojoe at We monitor this account to ensure all appropriate questions are answered and possibly added to this FAQ list to help others. If for some reason you don’t hear back  (i.e email is in spam), feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn, or via chat icon on this page with specific questions. Thank you for helping us and being a part of helping solve the cloud cost control problem.