DevOps, Sysadmins: Gain Insights with Deep Learning and AI for your AWS cloud

CloudSqueeze is like having your own AI expert working on your AWS generated data to discover opportunities for cost savings along with operational anomalies and insights to help you navigate the cloud.

New Feature: Integration with Slack on changes in your AWS account absolutely free.

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Rightsize your cloud resources and discover savings

  • Eliminate over-provisioning and reserving under-utilized cloud resources.
  • Discover cost savings from altering the configuration of cloud resources based on what your workload is able to use.
  • Eliminate hidden costs in your cloud usage bills that surprise you!
  • Reduce wasted time in analyzing hundreds or thousands of proprietary AWS cloud logs to discover what action needs to be taken.

Establish a daily spend baseline and measure spending velocity changes

  • With your baseline know the impact of cloud changes and how it impacts your next bill.
  • Establish daily spend change alerts for cost increases or decreases.
  • Discover if an unexpected resource is left turned on, and its cost impact before it appears in your bill.
  • Set the daily time for your scan and spot any cost changes against your baseline daily spend.

Itemized billing for every cloud resource in a way that helps you manage costs

  • Sorted list of every cloud resource by type of resources and itemized cost.
  • Use tags or complex filtering to identify costs in numerous ways.
  • Detailed box plots of summarized view of peak usages across EC2, EBS, RDS and more.
  • Extract data to CSV to further analyze cost and configuration changes that impact cost.

Discover configuration changes and cost impact of each change

  • Get a storyline of all configuration changes, chronological with cost impact – cause and effect of your cloud changes.
  • Know exactly when new resources are added, dropped, downgraded, upgraded.
  • Know the cost impact of each cloud configuration change.
  • Keep track of changes that occurred 30-60-90 days back along with statistics.

Artificial Intelligence based advisories with statistics to back up recommendation

  • Extensive analysis to backup recommendations provided by our AI advisories.
  • EC2, EBS, S3, RDS, IP, Networking change recommendation that is easy to action.
  • Deep learning based correlation of changes with impacts to performance and costs
  • A growing knowledgebase of helpful resources on how to activate various changes.

Squeeze more out of your cloud and understand how cloud cost optimization tools differ

Not all cost optimization approaches look out for your best interest. Understand AWS cost optimization tools differences with this approach and key benefits:

1. Secure minimal cloud vendor data only read access:

Unlike other options in the market we do not install any agents, require private key access, administrative accounts or access to any private data. Our offering works with read-only access to AWS generated data. Your EC2, EBS, RDS, S3 data remains encrypted and we do not request or have access to any of these at any time.

2. Alerts on spending velocity changes:

Have you have tried managing your cloud spend to a budget, and discovered you exceeded your budget because someone failed to power off a high-cost RDS or EC2 instance? Measure spending velocity changes and adjust the sensitivity of your daily cost increases and decrease thresholds and discover unplanned provisioned resources and improve your corporate cloud governance.

3. Right-Size everything:

Let your workload determine the right cloud resource types - EC2, RDS, EBS, Storage with Artificial Intelligence and let your usage determine the right cloud resource types.

4. Transparent pricing:

No hidden closed door pricing or long-term commitments.

5. Multiple ways to engage after trial:

Pay direct via credit card online or through your established AWS payment method with a 1-click subscribe without any credit card similar to provisioning a cloud resource.

6. Growing list of how to resources:

Access our growing list of help documents to implement changes and cloud formation scripts to execute changes from the recommendation and advisories.

4. Reserved instance “RI” planning:

Unlike other approaches to reserve any moving resource to discover savings, find no upfront cash style reservations with flexible reservation types that give you flexibility. The speed of innovation on the cloud, Moore’s law, newer generation systems with greater features and capabilities are coming out at a lesser cost, than getting locked in on older resources.

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