AWS Open Source with Terraform & Serverless Change Management Initiative

AWS Open Source

Partner with us and help build a library of change management scripts with Terraform and serverless technologies. We are growing a list of step-by-step AWS tutorials that perform various configuration management tasks to simplify DevOps and sysadmins tasks. These scripts can be executed on their own independent of any dependencies on CloudSqueeze and perform a growing list of tasks like:

Frequently Asked Questions on Open Souce contribution program

I have some scripts that may help you and can contribute, where do I start?

Please contact Eugen on Twitter or via the live chat tool in CloudSqueeze.

Where can I grab the open source serverless and CloudFormation scripts?

Find the contributed code to manage various AWS tasks in this GitHub or in the serverless library of AWS.

What kind of development skills are needed for this program?

We are currently seeking help with CloudFormation scripts, more so with Terraform and serverless development using Python or NodeJs. If you have the time and are willing to undertake a script development for an open source contribution, we are happy to assist.

I have an open source contribution question not listed here. Where do I go?

You can contact us through live chat from the tool or via social networks or email as at partner at cloudsqueeze dot ai.



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