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Frequently Asked Questions (click below):

How easy or difficult is the setup process? What is the process?

Watch the exact steps involved in discovering your AWS excess in this video:

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You need to have an administrative AWS account. You can find all the technical details and a manual way to setup if you do not wish to install this way. It’s like driving a manual shift gear or automatic! Discover your excess spend in three minutes of setup!

How does this tool work?

The 3-min demo video gives you an overview of the product experience. The first step of the trial starts with a free trial.

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Get started without any clunky software or bills to upload. Unlike other alternatives, with our approach, there are no AMIs to install that have hidden added costs or bills to upload.

Once you have setup delegated access, we scale up computing capabilities with serverless technologies and discover your cloud resources and its logs. We analyze these Amazon cloud logs with artificial intelligence (AI) to determine right-sizing based on your workload usage patterns. We discover misconfiguration anomalies and storage class selections so that you can follow your business practices, yet lower cost by implementing recommendations, with associated cost savings that you can observe in your next bill.

We are constantly adding to our algorithms and leveraging AI to learn and share collective actions that maximize cloud utilization. Similar to how Google learns what is spam from your choices, our platform learns from the actions taken that realize cost savings. We aim to find a minimum of 5% savings or we don’t charge you for that month where we couldn’t add any value to your business. Our typical customer finds 25-55% cost savings on the first audit.

What do you do better or in addition to other cost optimization tools?

This article describes various approaches to cloud cost savings by competing alternatives. While we do recommend reservations, we use this as one of the last in the tool belt to lower cost. Our recommendations only factor 1 year at the most and price cost savings with a no-upfront-cost basis. You can lower costs far more through additional reservations.

A vast majority of the tools use traditional business intelligence type analysis of thresholds to determine right sizing. We use a data gathered from hundreds of use-case scenarios (deep learning or AI) to make advisory recommendations on right-sizing.  We back up these AI recommendations with graphs and numbers for you to review and make changes. Based on the changes you make our AI engine adapts to your comfort levels of excess capacity over actual usage.

Does this also track *any* AWS infrastructure changes?

Yes if it has a cost impact! We scan an environment once every 24 hours (unless manually initiated), we can miss charges from resources that aren’t active when we scan. We do not track configuration changes that have no cost impact in an AWS account.

Is it right that the price is based on our total AWS bill?

Our pricing is based on your monthly AWS discovered spend when actionable savings exceed the minimum 5% guarantee. If we cannot find 5% savings, your account isn’t billed for that period. If you are on AWS Marketplace, funds collected are set towards future credits. Contact with any billing questions.

Can you realize the cost savings in my account for a fixed price?

Yes. Our tool only has read-only access to analyze the infrastructure you have and Amazon’s cloud generated data. With this, we cannot make any changes to your account. Our recommendations are easy to follow and we are gradually adding video links to our advisories on how to make these cost savings alterations. You will discover the savings amount in three minutes of setup. If you have significant savings opportunity, relative to the cost of making changes and need extra assistance in realizing them for a fixed fee, please contact us by scheduling a time to discuss your specific account. All work performed is by other trusted AWS certified consultants. As a team, we are determined to not let service revenue overtake the product vision, nor compete with MSP business models. We are driven by automation, artificial intelligence and training our customers towards realizing these savings where human interaction is necessary.

Do you change things in my AWS account?

No. Our tool does not make any changes nor has the privilege to make any changes to your account. We are constantly adding videos and do-it-yourselves instructions for anyone to perform the needed changes. However, if you require a statement of work, with a fixed price amount of savings realized we may be able to assist you. If you need extra assistance in realizing these changes with work done by an AWS certified consultant on our team, please contact us by scheduling a time to discuss your specific situation.

Do you need my AWS monthly bill? As an enterprise we have EDP pricing – how does your tool handle our unique pricing?

There are volume discounts (aggregation of multiple accounts), free tiers and custom enterprise agreements typically worked for large enterprise customers. Our tool uses standard published pricing on the web and updates these prices and new products as published by Amazon for every region. However, if you have volume discounts or enterprise agreements (discounts) you will find the discovered cost of cloud resources in this app, bit higher. Typically, the cost reductions proposed by this app will have equivalent discounts that translate across your agreements. If you find the discrepancy significant please let us know and we can attempt to reconcile your pricing information with your specific rates.

How do you take payments for the subscription?

We offer two options – An online payment via a credit card that is billed 3% of your discovered spend (when advisories exceed 5%) or a tiered payment plan. If you choose payment through Amazon Web Services, no credit card is needed as AWS bills directly as part of the payment methods you have already established for your AWS account. AWS Marketplace tiered cost optimization plan.

Why do you advise against reservations in the cloud?

We occasionally recommend flexible reservation types for one year term, but selectively for newer generation virtualization types (instances or classes) where there is a utilization pattern that justifies reservation. We believe the current prevalent practice of reservations of underutilized resources based on speculative forecasting of future application growth locks you and binds you! The cloud is growing and new innovations and trends in virtualization methods will make it easier or more cost effective for those who have choices. We base our capacity planning thought by these three internal metrics. The thinking behind this is described in the white paper on how cloud capacity planning needs a new thinking and approach where compute instances can be scaled up and down in minutes (likely in milliseconds in real time on demand in the near future)!

My AWS account is managed by an MSP. Will this tool help me find savings I can rely on?

Yes, as long as you are an administrator of your AWS account and you have the rights to your account to set up delegated access this tool will provide the insights on cost savings opportunities for your account. Our view is that if you are paying the bill, you should be able to control your costs!  Many of our customers have Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that manage the account and are able to work out cost savings. Sometimes there are imposed restrictions on instance types, reservation capabilities or conflicting information. In our experience, some customers have an MSP engaged us and got valuable insights to realize savings that didn’t upset the MSPs business model.  We encourage you to get your MSP to perform the suggested recommendation from the tool, so they are part of helping you realize cost savings on your behalf.

As an MSP do you have a special offer?

Yes, we help and partner with MSPs. Your customers would receive these cost savings while enabling consulting revenue for your business while implementing associated changes. We will compensate you for driving such initiatives, based on volume. Please contact us or schedule a time to discuss. Also, we have a self-help affiliate marketing initiative. Sorry, we do not do exclusive restrictions on sale nor white-labeling our products – please don’t ask.

My question is not listed. What do I do?

Contact us via the live chat icon below, email us at or block a few minutes for a web screen share/video session. Will add any relevant questions here to helps others.


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