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What is involved in this Free Trial? Will my slack or email notifications for cost changes in AWS stop after the trial?

If you have an AWS account with billing responsibilities, an administrative IAM account or a root AWS account and your spend is in $1000/month or a $1Million a month, the time it takes and the steps will be the same, under 10 minutes. Watch the video for the steps involved and what you can expect on this free trial. Slack and email notifications on cost changes is a free feature you can retain after the trial ends until terminated. Watch the video for the steps involved and what you can expect on this free trial.

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If some of these steps went too fast you can find screen-by-screen instructions here. You can also download this PDF to follow along with ease. We have made the process simple and quick for anyone with an AWS account to discover savings opportunities in minutes.

Is my cloud data secure? What kind of access is sought and why?

CloudSqueeze works with read-only access to your AWS generated data (CloudWatch). Using read access, we gather the information from the AWS cloud and at no time do we request access to your private key secured data in the cloud. Unlike the majority of the solutions in this space, we do not request agent installations, or have access to your operating system, admin access, private keys, bills nor have access to read what you store on your servers (EC2, EBS), your databases (RDS) or your file storage systems (S3, Glacier).  We use this AWS generated data to find savings in your AWS account. We do not sell or use this data for any other purposes other than the purposes of helping reduce cloud spend.

You can read more about this secure read-only un-intrusive access and how it conforms to the guidelines of Amazon Web Services. Additionally, we are an AWS certified partner with multiple AWS certified professionals and this product can be found at AWS marketplace that has rigid acceptance guidelines for product security.

Can I revoke or rollback this read-only access that is granted during the trial?

Yes, you can. If you used the CloudFormation method of setup, the steps to rollback the access is in this video. You can revoke access at any time. Most trial users who go through the trial experience, learn new ways to manage spend and discover the benefits of managing cloud spend with spending velocity alerts along with insights of what caused a price increase or a decrease! We hope that you choose to stay as a customer to receive these benefits after your no-obligation free trial. However, you can revoke access at any time by following the steps involved are in this video:

What are the types of savings and how are they realized?

Each account is different. We find a typical trial user will have between 15-55% savings opportunities in their AWS account. We have had instances where we have seen more than 55% as well! Savings fall in three areas – a) Resizing b) Misconfigurations c) Reservations.

Resizing involves changing the type or a class of a compute resource – EC2, RDS or a storage resource – EBS. Some of these changes can be done in minutes, some are real-time changes. We assess the computing workload patterns from your cloud logs using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to understand how your application uses it. We match that with different types of cloud resources and provide advisories on scaling down or scaling up a resource based on how it is used. We use updated pricing along with new features of computing instances to advise resizing.

Misconfigurations – We identify resources that aren’t being consumed, forgotten about, accidentally or unintentionally accruing cost, left in wrong states – not used.

We occasionally recommend flexible reservation types for one year term, but selectively for newer generation virtualization types (instances or classes) where there is a utilization pattern that justifies reservation. We believe the current prevalent practice of reservations of underutilized resources based on speculative forecasting of future application growth locks you and binds you! The cloud is growing and new innovations and trends in virtualization methods will make it easier or more cost effective for those who have choices. We base our capacity planning thought by these three internal metrics. The thinking behind this is described in the white paper on how cloud capacity planning needs a new thinking and approach where compute instances can be scaled up and down in minutes (likely in milliseconds in real time on demand in the near future)!

Our tool does not make any changes nor has the privilege to make any change to your account. We are constantly adding videos and do-it-yourselves instructions for anyone to perform the changes. Any DevOps or a systems administrator can perform these tasks. Many of our customers will give work orders to MSPs, consultants or external staff to make these changes on behalf of their organization from the savings advisories.

Can you realize the cost savings in my account for a fixed price?

Our tool only has read-only access to analyze the infrastructure you have and Amazon’s cloud generated data. With this, we cannot make any changes to your account. We provide instructional content under AWS tutorials to simplify change management for DevOps, sysadmin or an MSP to follow along. We are growing this list of automated scripts with our developer partner and an AWS open source program. At all times our policy is no access to any of your customer data and as such we don’t make any changes on your account nor request access to make any changes.

How is CloudSqueeze different from Trusted Advisor or other tools in the market?

This article describes AWS cost optimization tools differences used by competing alternatives. While we do recommend reservations, we use this as one of the last in the tool belt to lower cost. Our recommendations only factor one year at the most and price cost savings with a no-upfront-cost basis. You can lower costs far more by paying up-front reservations.

A vast majority of the tools use traditional business intelligence type analysis of thresholds to determine right sizing. We use data gathered from hundreds of use-case scenarios (deep learning or AI) to make advisory recommendations on right-sizing.  We back up these AI recommendations with graphs and numbers for you to review and make changes. Based on the changes you make our AI engine adapts to your comfort levels of excess capacity along with actual usage.

In three minutes of assessment can you be doing the same as other tools that take hours to analyze?

While traditional computing has a fixed number of CPUs available we leverage serverless technologies that allow us to scale up. So depending on your spend of $1,000 or $1M a month, we scale up our computing power so that the results appear in three minutes or less. We use Artificial Intelligence (AI) based assessments on cloud data to perform tasks quickly where others spend hours or days to compute.

Do you have any testimonials from satisfied customers?

Yes. By May of 2018, CloudSqueeze had helped customers save $381,468 from a total AWS cloud spend of $1,827,408. Many of the trial users were so happy with the product that subscription revenue started coming in, though we hadn’t requested any payments, as we were more interested in getting the product right. We have received rave feedback from business owners, CTO’s and Tech VPs on the value for this offering relative to the competing products they have used, and their experiences. One such feedback given can be found at AWS Marketplace from a user of a competing product is:

“This is the only product on the market that actually looks at your server utilization and tells you if you can save money by moving to T2 instances. There are others that will make suggestions changing between C, M, R, etc., but only Software WORX adds actually doing the hard calculations to figure out if a T2 instance can be used instead, truly maximizing your cost savings.

They also do a great job of making recommendations for storage and snapshots that could be archived, etc.

Definitely, a product that I’d recommend to anyone with a large AWS deployment like ours!

AWS Marketplace only accepts customer testimonials from paying customers and some of our trial users chose to pay us directly and their feedback could not be posted at AWS Marketplace. Do reach out to us and we can provide a reference for your needs. Our trial users find that our processes to discover savings is quick, easy and secure.

What is the exact IAM permission this tool requires?

CloudSqueeze uses the IAM policy called ‘ReadOnlyAccess‘ (link requires AWS access). Both the CloudFormation script and read-only-access manual approach installation use this same IAM permission.

Do you need my AWS monthly bill? As an enterprise we have EDP pricing – how does your tool handle our unique pricing?

There are volume discounts (aggregation of multiple accounts), free tiers and custom enterprise agreements typically worked for large enterprise customers. Our tool uses standard published pricing on the web and updates these prices and new products as published by Amazon for every region. However, if you have volume discounts or enterprise agreements (discounts) you will find the discovered cost of cloud resources in this app, bit higher. Typically, the cost reductions proposed by this app will have equivalent discounts that translate across your agreements. If you find the discrepancy significant please let us know and we can attempt to reconcile your pricing information with your specific rates.

My AWS account is managed by an MSP. Will this tool help me find savings I can rely on?

Yes, as long as you have an administrative IAM account for your AWS account and you have the rights to your account to set up delegated access this tool will provide the insights on cost savings opportunities for your account. Our view is that if you are paying the bill, you should be able to control your costs!  Many of our customers have Managed Service Providers (MSPs) that manage the account and are able to work out cost savings. Sometimes there can be imposed restrictions on instance types, reservation capabilities or conflicting information. Customers who engage an MSP with work orders to make changes from these advisories received savings that didn’t upset the MSPs business model.  We encourage you to get your MSP to perform the suggested recommendation from the tool, so they are part of helping you realize cost savings on your behalf.

Do you have a reseller or referral or affiliate program?

Yes, we do. Learn more about our partner program to get started.

My question is not listed. What do I do?

Contact us via the live chat icon below, email us at support@cloudsqueeze.ai or block a few minutes for a web screen share/video session. Will add any relevant questions here to helps others.


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