Cloud Squeeze – AWS Cost Optimization & Right Sizing with AI

Squeeze up to 55% from your AWS cloud spend

Measured in minutes, without installing clunky software, uploading bills, upfront cash reservations, spot instances or shutdown orchestration; instead AI working for you!

Cloud over-provisioning accounts for $62 Billion wasted last year!

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“Definitely, a product that I’d recommend to anyone with a large AWS deployment like ours! This is the only product on the market that actually looks at your server utilization and tells you if you can save money by moving to T2 instances. There are others that will make suggestions changing between C, M, R, etc., but this does the hard calculations to figure out if a T2 instance can be used instead, truly maximizing your cost savings. They also do a great job of making recommendations for storage and snapshots that could be archived, etc”.

Get alerts on spending velocity changes in
your AWS cloud account that impact your upcoming bill

Get alerts when cloud resources are spun up, spun down in your account that impact your upcoming bill enabling you to action changes and avoid bill surprises!

Not another analysis-paralysis tool

We leverage AI and backup recommendations with BI graphs and numbers