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This product demo video gives you an overview of what’s involved for you to discover your AWS excess spend in few minutes.

First, create your free account login at Software WORX, and you will arrive at a screen like this for the setup of unintrusive read-only access. You can find the setup instruction video once you create a free login or on the home page of Software WORX.

Few minutes after setup, you will arrive at a dashboard screen with your AWS account specific excess spending view that looks like this.

Using serverless and AI technologies, we increase our computing power for this analysis. With thousands of reference data gathered over the years, we analyze your cloud usage patterns. This data is from your AWS metrics and logs, of the past two weeks, your usage patterns – your excess!

In this example, here we see a 69% savings opportunity, with a total savings of $45,699, based on a monthly spend of $66,490. This account can comfortably do everything they did in the last two weeks with a spend of $20,791 instead.

With our community of AWS users, see how you compare with this “Cloud Utilization Score”.

From this dashboard, you can drill down into these categories of savings opportunities from your overall AWS spend.

The actions that you need to take to realize these savings opportunities are shown in the Advisory column, that you can click on view the detailed “recommendations”. These are shown for each cost line item that adds up to your overall savings.

You can drill down the cost items by regions, varying time duration spans, tags, categories and many more ways! Many people say they are receiving a monthly bill, but can’t understand the resources generating the amount you pay each month! Here you can slice and dice your cloud cost generating resource, in many ways.

Click on the graphs to see the supporting data behind the cost savings recommendations, like this Box plot an EC2 instance, and there are many easy to understand graphs for each of your cost item.

Also monitor your cost changes as you spin up new resources or implement recommendations that reduce your excess costs in the “changes” tab.

We are an Amazon partner, and you will find us at AWS Marketplace!

Get your free no obligation audit now and know your exact AWS excess spend! No credit card needed! This audit showing your precise excess spend, is free to use, to export and to implement savings in your AWS account.

Get your free audit done today at Cloud Squeeze by Software WORX!

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