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If you have an AWS account with billing responsibilities, an administrative IAM account or a root AWS account and your spend is in $1000/month or a $1Million a month, the time it takes and the steps will be the same, under 10 minutes. Watch the video for the steps involved and what you can expect on this free trial. Slack or email notification of cost changes in your AWS, is free to use after the trial expires.

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Amazon Web Services method of granting access to a third party application is through a process called delegated access. CloudSqueeze requires “Read-Only Access” and the technical details of the way it works is here.

Some like to have a print out of the steps and for that download this PDF to follow along with ease. We have made the process simple and quick for anyone with an AWS account to discover savings opportunities in minutes.

Step-by-Step Instructions with CloudFormation script set up at

Step 1: Log in to your AWS with an administrative account. You can be logged in from either a root account or from an IAM account that has administrative access.

Step 1 of CloudFormation based deployment

Step 2: From the CloudSqueeze Launch stack click on the “Launch Stack” button to launch the CloudFormation script.

Make note of the placement of a unique value called ‘ExternalID’ that you will need to pass this value to the CloudFormation script as you proceed. Copy this value of ExternalID with a copy command, Cntrl+C as you will need this in subsequent steps.

You can read about why an ExternalID is needed when granting read-access to an external AWS entity here.

Setup screen CloudSqueeze

Step 3: You should arrive at the CloudFormation screen that looks like this when you are logged in to your AWS account. Click on the Next button at this step.

CloudFormation stack

Step 4: On screen 2 of the CloudFormation script you will need your unique ExternalID. If you copied it at step 2, paste it in this field, else shift to the CloudSqueeze tab and copy and paste the ExternalID and then click next.

Step4 add ExternalID

Step 5: Click ‘Next’ on the subsequent screen.

Step 5 - CloudFormation

Step 6: Click on ‘I acknowledge IAM creation’ checkbox before clicking ‘Create’

Step 6 - CF

Step 7: Click on the refresh icon to see the status of the CloudFormation script running

CloudFormation step 7
CF step 8

The status of the CloudFormation script should change to ‘green’ usually in a minute or less.

Step 8: Expand the Outputs tab, find the value field and copy it with Control+C

CF step 10

Step 9: Paste the copied value to CloudSqueeze tab, give a friendly name and click Save AWS account.

CF step 11 add details

Step 10: On success, you should arrive a screen like this, give three minutes for the CloudSqueeze discovery process to complete when you will see the values appear on a refresh in spend fields. You will receive an email as well.

CF step 12

CloudFormation Step 13

CloudFormation setup process is easy and quick, however, if for some reason you are not able to get it working as per these instructions, feel free to contact us via email support at, via live chat all through any of our social channels

By May of 2018, CloudSqueeze had helped customers save $381,468 from a total AWS cloud spend of $1,827,408. Many of the trial users were so happy with the product that subscription revenue started coming in, though we hadn’t requested any payments, as we were more interested in getting the product right. By July 2018, we decided to focus on CloudSqueeze as a product, with a presence at re:Invent 2018 conference in Las Vegas.

With the simplicity of the trial experience, the typical AWS trial subscriber will find 15-55% savings on cloud spend ranges of $1,000 to $1,000,000 a month, in three minutes.

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CloudFormation Setup Read-Only Access Video

This 2 min video shows the steps to set up with a CloudFormation stack, read-only access to AWS generated cloud data in your account. This approach is faster and does exactly the same as the manual approach below.

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Manual Read-Only Access Setup Video

This 2 min video shows the steps to manually grant read-only access to AWS generated cloud data in your account.

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